Re-invent the Economy

Decent Work and Economic Growth for post-COVID era


The World has Changed 

In history, we have never seen unemployment growing so quickly as we see happening while COVID enrolls. Even big corporate organizations can not take care of themselves and some will fail to exist. The vast volume of SMEs and Micro SMEs are facing similar problems - we are all in the same boat. We need each other to survive these crazy times.

It is time to Ignite the Future, Today.


Mobilize all Talents and Assets

The workplace will change due to COVID and so will complete sectors. Right now, the big problem is a lack of vacancies and internships. We think the best approach is to start defining the future and work ourselves back to today. We strongly believe this approach has maximum impact when implemented at regional level. 

It is time to Ignite the Future, Today.


Activate Yourself

Based on our Social Architecture and a set of services, we can help your region to take action now. Get trained and certified to become a leader in your region to rebuild the economy. There is no time to waste. We need smart cooperation and agility. The future needs cooperation amongst Region, Individuals, Employers and Education.

It is time to Ignite the Future, Today.

Webinar Series: 'Ignite Future, Today'

Preparing for post-COVID to mobilize all talents and assets in the Region

In our webinar series, we welcome global thought leaders to discuss challenges in the labour market and economy. Together with their guests, Morne Moster, Director Institute for Futures Research and Frank Melis, CEO take a deep dive into radical solutions to build a better future.

Samia Melhem

World Bank, Global Lead

Mrs. Samia Melhem is Global Lead at the World Bank’s Digital Development Community of Practice developing, convening and sharing knowledge on disruptive technologies' impact and implications on policies, people and skills; with deep expertise in digital government and digital capabilities.

Recover from COVID by digitization

Fresh look into new opportunities

Leveraging disruptive technologies to improve delivery of public services, in education, health, and social protection.

Date: JUN 10 @ 15.00CET

Enroll: Free enrollment

Regional cooperation

 To rebuild the economy

We recognize four main stakeholders on the labour market: REGION (black), EMPLOYER (blue), INDIVIDUAL (green), and, EDUCATION (orange). We believe that technology should enable all stakeholders to take action themselves. We are convinced that a trusted community that can organize itself is able to ignite economic opportunities for the good of all.

Each point on the MetroMap generates specific information. We store that information in CockpitWork, our big data analysis tool. We comply with the GDPR regulations of the European Union. CockpitWork generates insights for all stakeholders to take action. Without action no result! More about our vision.